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  • Christopher DeFeo

Product Spotlight: New England River Rock™

Over the years our New England River Rock™ has made its mark in the Carolinas. It is a beautiful round stone full of vibrant colors. It is perfect for flower beds, gardens, walkways, and can even be used to build small walls. In this blog we will be answering our most frequently asked questions about our New England River Rock™

1. Is it the same as Delaware River Rock?

Our New England blend is very comparable to the traditional Delaware stone. It is however, more vibrant and rounded than its competitor.

2. What color is the stone?

New England River Rock™ is extremely unique because of its beautiful colors. In this stone you find grays, purples, maroons, tans, and even blacks. This stone is sure to make a statement.

3. What sizes do you carry?

We carry our river rock in 6 different sizes!







4. Do you offer New England River Rock™ by the pallet?

Yes, we offer our New England River Rock™ by the pallet. To see our full palletized catalog please click here.

5. Do you have any photos of the product that I can show my customers?

Click through the slideshow below to show your clients the NE stone in use!

If you have any questions about our New England river rock feel free to contact our experts today!

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