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Bulk Decorative Gravel

Available Stone


New England River Rock

New England River Rock™ is an excellent replacement to Delaware River Jacks. New England River Rock is a classic choice for any home or property. We offer this stone in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of any client. 

Winchester River Rock.jpg

Winchester River Rock

This River Rock comes in a large variety of options ranging from 1 inches all the way to 10 inches. This is a great option for replacing the hard to get Cane Creek River Rock and Tennessee River Rock.


Berkshire Blend

This striking and colorful decorative stone is a rock formed deep in the Berkshire Mountains, and has some truly amazing colors  We offer this stone in crushed or round options.


Bayside Skimmers

Similar to the white river gravel available around the southeastern united states, the Bayside Skimmers™ are a flat and oval upgrade! Image a huge pile of skipping rocks that is available in bulk!


Bulk gravel can be used around homes to add pops of color, texture, and depth to the overall look of your property.

It is easy to apply and install and helps to draw more attention to your landscape! 

Landscape Control

Bulk gravel can be used for landscape drainage systems and erosion control. 

By installing landscape paper and applying decorative gravel, you are able to maintain your land from weeds and unwanted growth!


Bulk stone can be used for a base for patios, used on walkways, and even driveways!

Bulk stone can also be used to add curbside appeal to your home, and it is a less expensive way to do so! 

River Rock 

We stocked and supplied over 10 million pounds of river rock in 2019 to landscape supply yards around North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. In 2020 we plan on supplying over 25 million pounds of our multi-colored river rock to Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and even Florida!


 New England River Rocks have a smooth, polished-like texture that is a much higher quality than the Delaware River Jacks or as some call this stone, Upper Delaware River Rock.  These decorative rocks are our best selling product.  


Use these river rocks to create a beautiful landscape around your in-ground or above-ground pool, this will help keep mud from forming around wet areas. 


Create the perfect entrance to your business.  Our river rocks are easy to walk on and cause no pain to your feet. This is great for areas where customers may not use shoes, for example at a marina, waterpark or even an amusement park!


When wet, the color of our river rounds is magnificent!  We have a large stockpiles and offer year round delivery of any size that is needed.  The mix of colors and shapes is unmatched.  

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