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The largest of the U.S. states east of the Mississippi River and the youngest of the 13 former English colonies, Georgia was founded in 1732, at which time its boundaries were even larger—including much of the present-day states of Alabama and Mississippi. The 13th and last of the British colonies, Georgia was the only one to be governed remotely by a Board of Trustees in London for the first 20 years. It was also the only colony to prohibit slavery from its inception—along with lawyers and Roman Catholics.


About Carolina Stone Supply

Who We Are

Carolina Stone Supply is a bulk stone supplier for states located in the South Eastern United States. Carolina Stone Supply is a subsidiary of DeFeo Materials. We focus on supplying landscape supply yards with decorative stone products that are most popular and hard to keep in stock. 


Our number one product is New England River Rock, a beautiful rounded rock that is available in bulk, super sacks, pallets and even railcars.  The most popular size in New England River Rock is the 1-2" or the 2-4".  


We use advanced and customized computer software as well as the knowledge from our employees to keep materials in stock. With combined experience in logistics, transportation, stone work and even corporate accounting, you can depend on us to properly supply your yard with all desired landscape products.


Popular Products


Winchester River Rock

The most popular stone found in homes and businesses across Georgia are tan and brown in color. Winchester River Rock™ are similar to Tennessee River Rock and are a wonderful replacement for tan-colored round stone.


With a brown and tan looking stone like this along your property, your house will have that traditional southern feel! Our rock blend is different than the stones traditionally offered in Georgia because they have multiple colors and tones throughout the mix.


Traditional brown river rock looks nice, however, our Winchester blend gives you an extra pop of color that you may have been lacking.This decorative stone is extremely popular in all property types from commercial gardens, islands, and parking lots to residential gardens and even driveways!

New England River Skippers

Across the state, you will find traditional farmhouses, bungalows, cape inspired, and modern homes. No matter the style, the New England River Skipper’s are going to be your new client favorites. New England River Skippers are our newest stone blend.


It offers tones of tans, grays and hints of purple. This stone comes in 2 sizes, 3-5" and 5-10". This product looks beautiful on any property and will help clients stand out.


New England River Rock

New England River Rock is a popular choice for clients across the state. It is comparable to Delaware River Rock, however our stone has much more color. New England River Rock is also more round than Delaware River Rock, allowing for better drainage on your property.


This stone is the new wave throughout the state, and takes you away from that standard brown and tan stone you see in neighborhoods on a daily basis. Stand out with New England River Rock.

River Rock Uses on Georgia Properties

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River Rock can be used for many different projects. One of our favorite uses of river rock is creating a stone driveway. Traditional pavement driveways do not draw any attention to your space. Driving up to a grand entrance should be matched by adding a stone driveway. It will add character and charm to your property. Pea stone sized river rock comes in many different colors that best fit your needs.

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River rock can be used for pathways around your property. River rock is round, which allows for better drainage, and comes in multiple colors and sizes to stand out. Carving your pathway out with our river rock will make any property look luxurious.

Flagstone and Veneers

Flagstone and veneer are the number one trending item for 2021. It has multiple uses. From patios, to decorative walls, to exterior and interior stone walls, you may want to stock up on this product while it's hot!


Exotic Stone Available in Georgia

Glacier River Rock

Glacier River Rock is a beautiful exotic stone that will stand out compared to the normal stones found in Georgia. This stone has extremely unique colors of blues, grays, purples and tans.


There is nothing quite like this rock blend. This blend is like no other, and is not found with any suppliers in the area.

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Canadian Pink

This round pink stone is the first of its kind available to the market. Found in the northern part of the United States, this riverbed cobble is a great way to control water erosion, while adding a beautiful pop of color.


This stone comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Our most popular size is 4-10”.

Other Products We Offer

Palletized Stone

We offer a huge selection of palletized stone products at a wholesale price! Our most popular product is our palletized river rock options. Palletized products are extremely efficient because they guarantee you are getting exactly what you pay for.


Ordering stone by the pallet also is a more efficient way to order, because it leaves less of a mess in your landscape yard. We offer palletized cages as well as superstacks for smaller stone varieties.


About the Peach State

Fun facts about Georgia...

  • Coca-Cola was first invented by Dr. John S. Pemberton in Atlanta, GA. It was sold from a pharmacy soda fountain in 1886.  

  • Georgia is home to the world’s largest college campus- Berry College in Rome, GA. 

  • Georgia’s official state bird is the brown thrasher; the state flower is the Cherokee rose. 

  • Wesleyan College in Macon, GA was the first college in the world that was permitted to grant women college degrees.

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