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At Carolina Stone Supply we offer a variety of corporate deals. We work closely with government agencies, schools systems, and business across the east coast. 

City Skyline
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We also offer services and discount for government owned buildings. 

Parked School Buses

School Systems

If your school is in need of new landscape material, we offer wholesale pricing for your convenience. 



If your business is remodeling we offer you the highest quality materials so your building looks great all year round. 

Large Commercial


If you own or manage large properties you understand how large landscaping bills can become. One major cost we see at many commercial spaces is spreading and purchasing mulch every year


Turn areas that need monthly or yearly maintenance into another thing you can set and forget at your building by having decorative stone spread.


Not only will it be cost effective to you in the long run, you will also have a wider selection of size, shape, and color and give your building a classier appearance.

Government & Municipal Buildings

Carolina Stone Supply is ready to place a bid for any Government or Municipal jobs that require stone in any quantity, construction sand, and athletic field mixes.


We care about the communities we operate in and want to create a safe and beautiful landscape design with our products for any town or state property.


We have the experience and the staff necessary to deal with any government job.


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