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South Carolina

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The earliest history of South Carolina is similar to a lot of the Eastern United States; it was populated 13,000 years ago by archaic communities, which went on to follow the same big changes that affected most cultures in the area. By the time of European contact there were 29 nations of native people in South Carolina. The nations of South Carolina mostly fell under two large culture groups, the Eastern Siouan and Cusaboan peoples, though other groups lived in the area.


About Carolina Stone Supply

Who We Are

Carolina Stone Supply is a bulk stone supplier for states located in the South Eastern United States. Carolina Stone Supply is a subsidiary of DeFeo Materials. We focus on supplying landscape supply yards with decorative stone products that are most popular and hard to keep in stock. 


Our number one product is New England River Rock, a beautiful rounded rock that is available in bulk, super sacks, pallets and even railcars.  The most popular size in New England River Rock is the 1-2" or the 2-4".  


We use advanced and customized computer software as well as the knowledge from our employees to keep materials in stock. With combined experience in logistics, transportation, stone work and even corporate accounting, you can depend on us to properly supply your yard with all desired landscape products.


Popular Products


Winchester River Rock

Winchester River Rock is often compared to South Carolina’s Tennessee River Rock blends. It is a round, tan-colored stone that gives you a traditional southern feel.


Our stone is a great replacement to the Tennessee blend because it is brighter in color, and offers a unique look to any property. Our Winchester River Rock is durable, and will last longer than our competitors. This stone is perfect for traditional South Carolina homes.

New England River Skippers

New England River Skippers is our newest stone blend. This rock offers hints of tans, grays and even purples that will catch anyone's eye.


Traditionally, homes in South Carolina have color pallets of whites, tans, and grays. By using the New England River Skippers around your home, you can add that extra pop of color that you may have been lacking. This stone comes in sizes 3-5” and 5-10”.


New England River Rock

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In South Carolina, New England River Rock is becoming increasingly more popular. This stone is similar to Delaware River Rock, however our blend is brighter in color and smoother than the Delaware blend. The New England River Rock also has unique tones of pinks and blacks to add a pop of color to the grays, tans and browns. 


Our river rock comes in 6 sizes and can be used for a variety of projects. This smaller sized river rock is ideal for situations with sensitive foot contact applications.  Dog pounds and other animal centers alike are perfect locations for pea-stone.


Drip edges and playgrounds are a great use for this size. Use our 1-2" New England River Rock™ in flower beds, islands and other landscape features. Our large sized river rock is best spread with a skid steer or other heavy equipment.  Commercial applications where medium to steep grades are being withheld. This size is also perfect for erosion control and heavy water flow settings.

River Rock Uses on South Carolina Properties

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Stone Walls

Stone Walls are perfect for any South Carolina home, especially plantation style homes. These historic homes are part of the South Carolina charm. These homes have grand entrance ways of columns and pillars. What better way to lead up to your home, than with a stone wall.

Waterscape Designs

River Rock can also be used for design elements around your home. Carving out waterscapes is extremely popular in homes across South Carolina. Whether it is a beautiful fountain as you pull up to your home, a waterfall near your pool area, or even creating a tranquil garden, our products can provide you the right tools.


While we are all spending more time at home, our outdoor entertaining spaces are becoming more and more valued. Our products can be used to build out a beautiful outdoor patio. We offer flagstone and veneer to create beautiful patios. Our products can also be used for building fire pits, outdoor pizza ovens, and more!


Exotic Stone Available in South Carolina

Glacier River Rock

Glacier National Park is home to some of the most amazing scenery in the world. Glacier River Rock is known to be deposited by glaciers millions of years ago. The deposits of stone in the surrounding area are striking to say the least.


This decorative stone is a sure way to install a mind boggling landscape design with bright, astonishing colors mixed into every shovel. Your property will stand out with this natural stone.

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1-2_ Bayside Skimmers Close.jpg

Bayside Skimmers

Many South Carolina residents have homes along the coast. Whether you have a coastal styled property or a beach cottage our Bayside Skimmers™ blend is perfect for you. This rock is similar to ocean pebbles and is a wonderful beach and sand colored round stone. With a caramel and tan looking stone like this along your property, your house will really stand out! 


This decorative stone is extremely popular in all property types from commercial gardens, islands, and parking lots to residential gardens and even driveways!

Other Products We Offer

Palletized Stone

We offer a huge selection of palletized stone products at a wholesale price! Our most popular product is our palletized river rock options. We offer larger stones in wire cages, in a variety of different blends and colors. We also offer super sacks for the smaller sizes in a variety of River Rock including the New England River Rock as well as other decorative stone products like White Marble Stone. 


Ordering stone by the pallet is hassle free and creates less of a mess than buying in bulk. It also ensures you know exactly what you are getting.  Email us for pricing and delivery times available!


About the Palmetto State

  • State Nickname: Palmetto State 

  • State Slogan: Smiling Faces. Beautiful Places. Also on one of its two base license plates. 

  • State Motto: Animis opibusque parati (Prepared in mind and resources) and Dum spiro spero (While I breathe, I hope) 

  • State flower: Yellow Jessamine State bird: Carolina Wren 

  • State fish: Striped bass 

  • State tree: Palmetto 

  • State mammal: White-tailed deer, Boykin Spaniel

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