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Cowboy and Wild Horses

Palomino Creek Rock™

Palomino Creek Rock™ is a beautiful white, tan, and gold stone. This stone got its name from the beautiful palomino horse. With their chestnut coat, and white and cream tails we got our inspiration from this beautiful creature.

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The Palomino horse is a beautiful golden horse with a white or cream mane and tail. This particular color of horse is extremely pleasing to the eye, and highly sought after. With this in mind, our team was inspired to name our newest stone variety after this beautiful creature.


The Palomino Creek Rock is a beautiful golden, cream, and tan colored stone. This stone is light in color, but offers a variety of different shades, similar to the horse. Palomino horses can come in different variations of this golden chestnut color, which is why the name fits perfectly with our stone.


We offer this stone in 2 different sizes. The first size is our #57. #57 is a smaller crushed stone perfect for aggregate or drainage uses. To learn more about #57 stone click here. The second size we offer is 1-4". This is a more decorative stone, perfect for homes, gardens, and more!

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