Winchester River Rock™

This River Rock comes in a large variety of options ranging from 1 inches all the way to 10 inches. This is a great option for replacing the hard to get Cane Creek River Rock and Tennessee River Rock.

Canadian Pink River Rock™

This round pink stone is the first of its kind available to the market. Found in the northernmost part of the United States, this riverbed cobble is a great way to control water erosion.

Bayside Skimmers™

Similar to the white river gravel available around the southeastern united states, the Bayside Skimmers™ are a flat and oval upgrade! Image a huge pile of skipping rocks that is available in bulk!




Beautiful Landscaping Stone Sold Wholesale

We offer high quality stone products that look exactly as described. The stone delivered is as beautiful as the pictures shown in the pictures.  


Our retail yards that currently purchase our bulk decorative stone are constantly happy with all gravel products that were ordered!

Family Owned and Operated

Carolina Stone Supply is a small business ran by family. We focus on one goal, "supply bulk quantities of decorative stone at a cheap price".


We take pride in the service that is given to every single customer, whether you buy one load a year or 50 loads a year. We  puts your needs before our profits.

Specialty Products Available

Here at Carolina Stone Supply, our slogan is "your one stop for rocks".  We offer products that are excavated and packaged from all over the world!


From Maine all the way down to Nevada, it doesn't matter how far away the rock is found! Just tell us what you are looking for and we will give you a quote!



Carolina Stone Supply is a bulk stone supplier for states located in the South Eastern United States. We focus on supplying landscape supply yards with decorative stone products that are most popular and hard to keep in stock. 

Our number one product is New England River Rock, a beautiful rounded rock that is available in bulk, super sacks, pallets and even railcars.  The most popular size in New England River Rock is the 1-2" or the 2-4".  

We use advanced and customized computer software as well as the knowledge from our employees to keep materials in stock. With combined experience in logistics, transportation, stone work and even corporate accounting, you can depend on us to properly supply your yard with all desired landscape products.





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