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Why Decorative Stone is Superior to Mulch

In this article, we are going to compare and contrast two popular landscaping products, decorative landscaping stone and mulch so you can decide which one fits best for your next landscaping project.

Both products are popular among many people in the Carolina’s because they can improve the overall look and appearance of your properties with a shovel and couple hours of hard work.

Based on our experience, decorative stones will be much better than mulch and we’ll explain why in just a bit. Here are some benefits that are offered by decorative stones and why you should always opt for rock over bark.

Mulch compared to decorative stone

Benefits of Using Decorative Stones Compared to Mulch

1. Permanent result

If you are looking for getting a permanent result on your landscape, we all know mulch is no choice for you. Stone takes years to discolor, disintegrate, or be washed away by the flow of water unlike mulch. If you want to have your hard work last for the long run, you may want to consider using stones for jobs like backyard improvements, patio, walkway, or driveways jobs.

2. Longer use means less cost

This is another reason why many people want to use decorative stones for their properties over mulch. Installing stone in your landscape will be a big investment for you up front. Once your entire garden or other landscape areas are covered with stones, you don’t have to pay for mulch yearly anymore, never mind no longer needing to hunch over every spring spreading stinky mulch or hiring someone to do it for you.

3. Less maintenance

There is no mowing, watering, or replacing procedures that you need to do twice a year with river rock. All you have to do is just shovel these stones in place, so you can enjoy the beauty of your garden for many years.

4. Fireproof and more durable than mulch

If you live in an area with a lot of wildfires, you may want to consider using decorative stones for your landscape. Decorative stones or rocks may be better than mulch because they are nonflammable. It means that they are safe when they are used in your properties.

Thinking about decorative rock now instead of mulch? Now that we have you thinking, remember large stones are usually placed in any areas where you need to have good drainage, while small rocks can be used in some home improvement projects, for example, pathways or driveways.

Get the Best Decorative Stones from Us

When you are looking for the best decorative stones for your North or South Carolina landscape, give us a call for the best prices in the state. We have many different ways to get stone to you, for example, bulk river rock by the truck, palletized stones, or supersacks.

Contact us today!

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