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The Home Reno Series: Popular Products for your Garden

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

With all the time we have been spending at home, many of us have taken up DIY projects to better our homes. With new guidelines, we know how important it is to try and have a “normal”. This year, we have spent a lot of time outside with friends and family, and we know how important it is to have a beautiful outdoor space. In this article you can find out top product recommendations for your garden!

Plants for every season

One of our favorite landscape garden essentials are plants that last year-round. These plants are called perennials. Some of our favorites for the south include the following

1. Cone Flower

These particular flowers are similar to sunflowers and grow during the spring and fall months. Cone Flowers are on our top 4 because they are very easy to maintain and come in many colors.

2. Daisy

Daisies are one of our favorite flowers. They are perfect for adding brightness and color to your garden.

3. Grasses

Grasses are one of our favorite plants to keep in a garden, especially if you live near the ocean. The more popular southern grasses are Muhly Grass which have beautiful pink tone. We also recommend Festuca grass. The “beyond blue” grass is extremely popular and adds a beautiful pop of color to your garden.

4. Boxwood Shrubs

These shrubs are your typical green bush. They can be shaped into circles or squares depending on your taste. They add a beautiful green element to your garden.

Decorative Rock

It’s very important to decorate your garden. In the past, many of us decorated our garden with simple dirt’s and mulches. However, decorative rock is becoming more and more popular. Carolina Stone Supply has numerous bulk stone products for you to choose from. Below we have highlighted our favorites for the south east region.

This particular stone can be most compared to Tennessee river rock. This rock has your classic look. With shades of tans and browns, this stone is an eye catcher for any property.

This stone is popular for more coastal homes. It can be compared to the stones and pebbles you find along the ocean.

This stone is classic among New England homes, and is found in more and more homes across the east coast. With tones of grays, blues, and maroons to even whites and tans, the washed gravel can be tailored to fit your style and needs for any garden.

Essential Products

As important as it is to create a beautiful look for your garden, you need the correct supplies to do so. It is important to protect your plants, and products to ensure your garden will always look great and function properly. Below is our list of must have products for your garden.

1. Landscaping Fabric

Landscape Fabric is often used to protect your rocks from sinking into your soil. It also helps to prevents weeds from growing through unwanted parts of your garden.

2. Soil

A garden cannot properly function without a good soil. Some of the most popular soils you can purchase include the miracle-gro line. This line has soil for your potting mix, gardens, and even vegetables. If you prefer a more organic mix we recommend the Kellogg line.

3. Tools

Gardening tools are equally as important if you want to maintain a beautiful garden. Below you can find our list of must have tools for any beginner.

- Watering Can

- Wheelbarrow

- Shovel, trowel and fork

- Hoe

- Gloves

- Pruner (clippers)

- Hose

No matter where you live, having a beautiful garden is something you can take pride in, and enjoy year-round.

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