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Why Buy Stone by the Pallet?

There are many benefits to buying stone by the pallet rather than buying them in bulk or by the ton. Typically, when purchasing stone by the ton it sits in your landscape yard, and often leaves a mess. Purchasing palletized stone helps to eliminate the mess of bulk stone. Pallets of stone are smaller than bulk stone, which can help you order the correct amount for a customer. Below you can find some of our top reasons why we love palletized stone!

Easy Transport

The first reason we love palletized stone is because it is easier for you to transport around your business. You can bring the pallet of stone right to the area being used with any equipment that has forks and has a lift capacity of at least 2000 pounds. You can also transport them on a flatbed trailer or in the back of a pickup truck.

Pallets can be direct shipped, or half truck loads (12 pallets) can be ordered as well so the customer can have a lower investment when trying out new products.

Less Clean Up, No Damage

When transporting bulk stone there is always a small risk of damaging your equipment. By transporting palletized equipment there is less of a chance for damage. It also creates less of a mess! When moving bulk stone, it often leaves behind rock and dirt, whereas palletized stone is prepackaged and ready to be used.

More Varieties

Another plus about palletized stone is you can order more varieties. When ordering bulk, you will receive one type of stone in your delivery. Ordering stone by the pallet allows you to order multiple varieties for your customers to choose from.

Some of our most popular varieties of palletized stone are New England River Rock, Canadian Pink River Rock, and Lakeside River Rock.

Knowing Exactly What you are Getting

The great thing about pallets is you know exactly the amount of what you are getting. Our cages and superstacks are perfectly measured out to ensure you have the correct amount of product for your job.

You know exactly how much product is on each pallet, which gives assurance to both the customer purchasing from us as well as the end user and homeowner that they are getting exactly what they paid for and not giving away too much product.

Choosing to purchase stone by the pallet is a simple and efficient way to get your stone, with less hassle. No matter what route you choose, our team is here to help and guide you along the way.

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