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Driveway Designs | What Type Of Driveway Is Best For You?

Over the years, driveways have undergone many makeovers. From what was once a dirt path became a gravel road, a cobblestone drive, a concrete drive, and even have been lined with seashells. Across the world, we see all of these types of driveways today. In the streets of Europe, you will see cobblestone all over the major cities. In many American suburban homes, we see black asphalt made from construction aggregates. Along the coast we see the popular seashell look.

So, what is the best type of driveway? We are here to help you decide what type of driveway is best for you.


Gravel driveways may seem outdated but are still used heavily today. Gravel or crushed stone comes in multiple different varieties and colors, which gives you the opportunity to tailor the stone to fit your style. Crushed stone is extremely easy to maintain and is always a classic across the United States. Some of the benefits include its cheap price, making it affordable to almost anyone. It is also very easy to install and maintain.


Asphalt is what is used on most roads and driveways across the country. Asphalt is made from millings a type of construction aggregate. Asphalt is a durable option because it will not flex in harsh cold weather conditions. However, in extreme heat it can begin to indent. Asphalt is another affordable option. It is slightly more expensive than gravel but is made to last and will not need a touch up as often as crushed stone might. It is fairly easy to maintain and will require power washing once or twice a year.


When we think of cobblestone many of us think of Europe, or cities like Boston, Savanah, Charleston or Baltimore. Cobblestone driveways are a great way for your home to stand out from the rest. There is a certain charm that comes along with cobblestone. Cobblestone has been used for centuries and is an extremely durable option in any weather condition. You are able to cater your stone to fir your style which is another great benefit. =


Seashell driveways are extremely popular in coastal New England. They add a certain charm that you cannot get from any other type of driveway. Washed shells are a great alternative to gravel. They are a great way to provide drainage along your driveway as well. They are very easy to install and will compact overtime to create a flat surface.

No matter what style of driveway you choose, you can be sure they are all great choices. They are able to fit any style across the country. The experts at Carolina Stone Supply are here to help you choose the driveway that is right for you!

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