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Flagstone vs. Veneer

As we are moving further into 2021, we have a better understanding of what stone is trending for the upcoming season. Veneer and Flagstone are two hot items for 2021. But what is the difference? Many people group these two products together, but they both serve very different purposes.

What is Veneer?

Veneer, also known as thin stone, is a beautiful flat stone. This stone can either be natural or manufactured. The natural stone veneer comes from quarries and is naturally occurring. On the other hand, manufactured stone veneer is man-made from aggregate materials. There are many benefits to each type of material. For instance, natural stone looks better and more realistic than the manufactured stone. Both types of stone are extremely durable against weather conditions and would both be a great addition to your property.

Veneer is cut and made thinner so it can be utilized for your home. Many states have regulations on the weight and of stone that you can put as siding along your house so keep that in mind before you order or install.

What is Veneer Used For?

Veneer is a beautiful flat stone perfect for decorating homes. This stone if perfect for an accent wall or even siding on your house! This stone is perfect for adding decorative elements to your outdoor fireplaces, outdoor bars and more! Below you can find some of our favorite inspiration photos using stone veneer.

What is Flagstone?

Flagstone is similar to veneer but is heavier and thicker material. This stone is made to be durable against foot traffic and weather conditions. Flagstone is known as the most durable stone for landscaping. These stones come in varieties of different colors and sizes that can be tailored to your style, whether that be modern or rustic.

Flagstone is found naturally. This stone is found in large quantities and is then broken up into smaller flat sheets. Most flagstone made up of sedimentary rock, or in other terms rock made from minerals such as sandstone and limestone.

What is Flagstone Used For?

Flagstone is used primarily on outdoor landscaping. Whether that is used for a patio, walkway or even fencing, flagstone is extremely durable and made to last. Below you can find our favorite projects where we used flagstone.

What’s Next?

You can purchase veneer and flagstone from many dealers across the country. We always recommending checking out local landscaping yards first because they get their stone directly from a supplier or quarry. If you have any questions about veneer or flagstone our experts at Carolina Stone Supply are here to help!

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