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How Add Southern Charm To Your Property | Decorative Stone For Spring 2021

As the weather begins to warm up, we are starting to think of the ways we can get ready for the spring. As we learned in our blog “Trends to Consider Going Into 2021”, we know that neutral earth tones are big in design this year. This trend brings us back to that traditional southern charm we all know and love.

So, what gives a property southern charm you ask? To start, home styles plays a large role in making a place feel more southern. Antebellum, colonial, and Victorian homes are extremely popular in the south. These homes are typically surrounded by plants, flowers, stone and more. Most of the south utilizes “traditional” styled design elements around their home, making natural stones extremely important in the design process.

Throughout this blog we are giving you our top 3 stone suggestions that give you that southern feel for this season!

1. Winchester River Rock

Winchester River Rock is the most similar to Tennessee River Rock. Tennessee River Rock is extremely popular in the southern United States due to is neutral tones. When we think of that “southern charm” we think of warmth, and this stone is perfect for that. Our stone has more coloring compared to the traditional Tennessee stone that tends to be duller than our blend.

2. Berkshire River Rock

The second stone we recommend is Berkshire River Rock. Berkshire River Rock has tan, white and brown tones. This stone pairs perfectly with florals and plants throughout your garden. This particular stone is found within the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts and is beginning to make its mark in the south.

3. Bayside Skimmers

For those of you who are located in the coastal south, we recommend our Bayside Skimmers. Similar to ocean pebbles, this stone will leave your guests in awe. It has the perfect mix of traditional southern stone while keeping that coastal texture and overall look.

No matter what stone you choose for your property, it is good idea to always look at neighboring homes. It is a safe bet that these warm brown stones can be found all throughout your state and will always remain in style

Contact our experts today to learn more about popular stones in your state today!

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