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How Much Area Will a Pallet of Stone Cover?

Here at Carolina Stone Supply, we also offer a huge selection of palletized stone products for all customers. All of these palletized stone options are available at a wholesale price or are available come Spring 2021 on our ecommerce site

You can save a lot of your money by purchasing stone by the pallet. Our most popular product is the palletized river rock option. We have a super sack option as well for easier storage or transportation for all of our products, including New England River Rock, Canadian Pink, and more. Palletized stone is a good product that is suitable for all customers who need to buy decorative stones in bulk and at a very affordable price.

pallets of decorative stone

How much area will a pallet of stone cover?

When you want to know how much area you are going to cover with a pallet of stone, you also need to check some other factors besides simple measurements. You need to know which stones you are going to use in your landscape and the average dimension of these rocks. A pallet of large stones will be able to cover a lot of area because there is usually more space in between each decorative rock but still looks good. Then, you can calculate the total areas you are going to cover in your area. By doing a calculation, you will be able to determine the total pallets you need for covering your landscape. You can also use a handy online project calculator.

For example, a pallet of flagstone will be able to cover up to 80 - 110 square feet areas.

Our palletized stone product can be transported via a flatbed trailer or a pickup truck. It is very easy for us to transport our palletized stone from our place to your construction site. If you still have some difficulties in finding the best way for getting your stone delivered to your place, you can always call us to organize the logistics. Our experts will be ready to help you arrange an appointment to get your pallet out to you on time.

You can also purchase a palletized truckload with different stone varieties. This means that you are not limited to one type of stone on a single truckload.

Why should you buy a stone in pallets?

Buying palletized stone from us will be an easy and efficient way to buy stone for your landscape. All of our decorative rock is cleaned and packed neatly in reusable bulk pallet packaging. Simply use a forklift that has a capacity of at least 2000 pounds and place your product exactly where you need it.

Something that we are now offering is Moffett services! We want to make buying pallets of stone easy for both you and your customer! We are now delivering pallets directly to your customer for you! We are utilizing our equipment, so you won’t have to buy any new ones. Saving you both time and money! Learn more about our Moffett service here.

We have many different products that are available in our company. Some of our popular products include Canadian pink rocks, Glacier river rocks, and New England river rock. If you still have any questions about which one is the best for your property, call the Carolina stone experts today!

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