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List of Quarries in North Carolina

Do you want to find the best natural stone for your next commercial project? You could bounce from quarry to quarry trying to strike a deal and hope they can deliver on time and on a budget or you can opt for Carolina Stone Supply which takes all of this work out for you. If you are in the North Carolina area, you can find some popular quarries that are available but some may be hard to get to with their short hours and lack of online presence. We are going to share some of these popular quarries in this article and what they produce. When you want to shop for all of these different products in one spot, call us here at Carolina Stone Supply.

DeFeo Materials is not associated with any of the following quarries

1. Salem Stone Corporation

This company has several facilities that are available in some areas, including the Roanoke, New River valleys of Virginia, Northwestern North Carolina, and Southside Virginia. They produce many different types of crushed stone native to these regions as well as several sand types.

2. Radford Quarries, Inc.

This quarry has some popular products, for example, sand, dirt, deicer, crushed stone, etc. It has already been serving all customers since 1980.

3. Mathis Quarries, Inc

This company is ready to offer a wide variety of crushed stone materials. There are some popular products that are available in this quarry, for example, ABC Crusher Run, clean stone gravel, dry screen gravel, rock dust, rip rap, etc.

4. Lake Norman Quarry

When we are talking about some popular quarries in North Carolina, we cannot forget this incredible quarry on Lake Norman. This quarry produces many great products for their customers, for example, concrete, aggregates, asphalt, etc. This quarry is also home to some natural stone products.

5. Wake Stone Corporation

This is a locally owned quarry that will deliver the best products for all customers. This quarry is specially designed to meet everyone’s needs in construction projects. It has some locations in North Carolina, including, Knightdale, Cary, Moncure, and Battleboro.

6. Blue Rock Soapstone Quarry

Soapstone, an impure rock which forms in many parts of the Piedmont mountains, this material was common for carved stone bowls. Test excavations were conducted at the site in 1979 by Archaeology Branch staff and a report on the tests was published in the North Carolina Archaeological Council Publications Series in 1982.

There you have it, our shortlist of North Carolina quarries that we will add to for years to come. If you want a one stop shop instead of bouncing from quarry to quarry and dealing with their limited hours and product, contact us here at Carolina Stone Supply and speak with one of our friendly landscape design experts.

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