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The Home Reno Series: DIY Walkway

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

With all this time we have spent at home, many of us are looking forward to renovating our houses. As part of our new series “The Home Reno” we wanted to give you our best tips and tricks for creating your very own DIY walkway.

Walkways are used as paths from your home to various places such as your pool, your garden, your shed, or the driveway. No matter where your walkway is, it is fairly simple to do-it-yourself!

What You’ll Need

- Shovel

- Spade

- Hand Tamp

- Level

- Measuring Tape

- Wheelbarrow

- Landscaping Paper

- Stone

- Sand

- Potting Mix or Gravel


Planning ahead for your project is the most important step and must be completed before you can move forward. You must first asses the area in which you want to place your walkway. You can use rope or wood to create a course for your path.

You then want to measure the area. Measure the paths width and length.

Choose Your Stone

The next step for this project would be to choose the correct stone that fits your needs. There are many different options that you can choose from to create a beautiful walk-

way. Veneer and Flagstone are going to be your most durable and practical options for creating your walkway. It comes in many different colors that are suited to your homes style and overall look.

Your stone supplier will be able to tell you exactly how much stone you will need for your measured space.

Create a Base

Next you will want to dig up your surface and create a level area for your stone to go. This means you want to dig up any grass, or plants in that space.

After this is complete you want to then lay down landscaping paper or fabric. This creates a barrier between the earth and your stone to stop the growth of vegetation. You can then add some sand to create a level surface.

Place Your Stones

Your next step is to place your stones. This is the more fun part of your DIY project. You can create a beautiful design that goes with the flow of your space.

We recommend leaving a ½ in gap between each stone that can later be filled with sand or gravel. Make sure you place your stones with varieties in sizes, one small followed by a larger piece will give a more natural look.

Set it in Place

After your stones are placed you must then set your stones. You can use sand or potting soil to set the stones in place. You can also choose to fill that space with other gravel mixtures as seen in the photo below.


You can also choose to add edging to this walkway as well. If you choose to do so you can simply add an edge by placing pavers alongside your stone.

Creating a walkway or a path is fairly easy with the right tools and products. Anyone can renovate their home by following our simple steps and guidance.

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