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The Home Reno Series: How to Utilize Decorative Stone Around Your Pool

As the air is getting cooler, we are all reminiscing to those summer days spent lounging by our pools. Days are getting shorter, and the sun is getting colder. That doesn’t mean we can’t start planning ahead for summer 2021! In this week’s home reno series blog, we wanted to focus on ways in which you can utilize decorative stone around your pool area!

Flagstone Patios

One of the most popular uses for stone around your pool is for the patio itself. Many of us want to create that “vacation” feel when installing a pool / patio. Flagstone is extremely durable and looks beautiful on any property. To get a better understanding on how thick your flagstone should be check out this article.

There are hundreds of colors and styles you can choose from when putting in a flagstone patio at your home. Gather more design ideas!

Durable Pavers

If flagstone is not your top choice, we also recommend using pavers around your pool area. Pavers can be extremely durable, slip resistant, and in most cases are easier to install if you are doing this project yourself! There are many different types of pavers you can use around your pool. Learn more about what material will be right for you and your space!

Decorative Gravel

If building a flagstone patio is too modern for your style, or if you have an existing patio you want to spice up, we recommend using decorative gravel stone. Utilizing a 1-2” stone around your pool can be beautiful and unique to your space. It can be used the same way in which you would use around a garden. Incorporating plants and stone around your pool area will help create an oasis for you to enjoy all summer long!

Some of our favorite stones to use around pools are the New England River Rock, White Marble, Bayside Skimmers, and even Winchester River Rock.

Landscape Boulders

Landscape boulders are becoming increasingly more popular in homes across the country. They can be used to carve out landscapes and are even used around pools! These boulders can create different elevations, so your property looks less flat. This can set apart your pool area from other outside living areas as well! Below you can see some of our favorite uses for landscape boulders around your pool area.

No matter how you choose to design your pool, Carolina Stone Supply is here to assist you along the way. There are hundreds of different stones that you can incorporate to create a dream outdoor pool landscape for you and your family to enjoy. If you have any questions about which stone is best for your property, call the Carolina Stone experts today!

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